Monday, 11 August 2008

How to Save Tomato Seeds

One of the best ways to save money on gardening is to use seeds instead of buying plants. You can save the most money by saving your own seeds. Here are steps on how to save your tomato seeds. This is a really wonderful way to save Heirloom seeds!

Step 1. Scoop the seed out of the tomato, be sure to pick good looking healthy ones from your garden.
Step 2. Put the pulp and seeds into a glass jar, you may need to add some water. Let this mixture rot for a couple of days. It may take up to four days. Be sure to put this somewhere discreet as this mixture really smells bad!
Step 3. A mold will develop on the top and the seeds should be able to be seen on the bottom.
Step 4. Remove the moldy top add water and rinse through a strainer. Try to remove all the bits and pieces to just leave the seeds.
Step 5. Now you can dry your seeds, a paper plate or glass plate works well. Don't use towels or paper towels they will stick and you will have a mess on your hands. Just let them air dry, don't use the oven or bake them in the sun. Make sure the seeds are completely dry before you store them.
Step 6. Take all the dry seeds and store in a cool dry place. An envelope works well. Label everything.
Step 7. Did you know that seeds make excellent gifts to tuck inside a card? You can also sell your excess seeds. Good Luck and have fun gardening!

by J Hfield

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