Monday, 1 September 2008

What to do About Tomato Black Spot or Tomato Blight - by J Hfield

Have your tomatoes been struck by black spot? Are the fruits rotting and the leaves turning black? You may have what's called Tomato Blight.

Tomato blight is more common when the weather is cool and damp. It also occurs more if you keep planting your tomatoes/peppers/potatoes in the same place every year. They are truly a crop that needs to be rotated!

If your plant has fallen to the tomato black spot you need to act fast. Get rid of the plant, its roots and all leaves, burn it or put it in the garbage. Don't compost any of the waste or you can reinfect your plants next year.

It is also important to always water the plants down low, and don't sprinkle from overhead. Tomatoes just hate that.

Try to give your tomatoes enough space and good air circulation.

plant your tomatoes at the proper time for your area to ensure they are strongest during the best part of the growing season!

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